Gold and enamel Chatelain/watch


Country:  France
Period:  19th Century

Mellerio, chatelaine and pendant watch with key and signet.

Gold, diamond, tourmalin, enamel and pearls, chatelaine and pendant watch by  Mellerio

Mellerio, dit Meller is the worldÂ’s oldest jewellery company, founded in 1613. And for all 400 years, every part of the jewellery-making process at Mellerio dits Meller, from design and stone selection to creation, is undertaken in-house. In the 16th century the Mellerios became jewellers to Maria de Medici. In 1613, they were given exceptional privileges by the Queen for thwarting an attempt to assassinate the young King Louis XIII. These privileges were renewed by successive Kings & Queens of France until the revolution of 1789. Thanks to their illustrious past, Mellerio became the most famous French jeweler in the 19th century, supplying Empresses Josephine and Eugenie as well as all European royal courts.

size: 15 x 6.0 cm weight: 86,7 gram  

Price:  Upon request
Ref number:  6118
Status:  For sale


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