Antique Diamond Earrings

Antique Diamond Earrings


A pair of beautiful antique earrings with old cut brilliant (Bolshevik) set in 18k gold and with a black enameled edge. 19th century

the stones 1.32 and 1.37 crt color K VS2

Europe c. 1880

The black enamel of these earrings is applied to emphasize the size and brilliance of the diamonds in a refined way.
Unlike long earrings, such ear studs could remain in the ears overnight. For this purpose there is often a mechanism at the back to keep them in place. Some ladies in the 18th and 19th century only put them on just before going to sleep. 
If they were then suddenly awakened at night, they could still look beautiful.
That is why this type of ear studs is also called dormeuses, derived from the French dormir, which means sleeping.

Type:    Earrings
Country:    The Netherlands
Period:    1750 - 1900
Price:    Upon request
Ref number:    6763
Status:    For sale

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