Antique Dutch Cannetille Earrings

    Antique Dutch Cannetille Earrings


    Gold earrings in wire and cantillewerk made ​​by the Groningen master L. Olfers, who worked there from 1822 to 1847. The makers mark is No. 7597 in the book makers marks. (LO with a thick + behind, encased in an elongated mount). This type of hangers is also portrayed in books about the Groninger regional costumes. 
    Length: 8 cm 
    Weight: 9 grams 

    The earliest jewelry was made ​​more for her part in the city of Groningen. There were only a few specialists: they bought the jewelry at the leading silversmiths, such as the Van Giffens, Hendrik Hubert or Reinder Scheltens. Gradually came up a specialization around 1840, in which the silversmiths in the peat start to come. In particular, stamping and wire and cantillewerk there was made ​​much, which is understandable when one considers that these techniques are labor intensive and therefore attractive to a poor area.

    Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse streeksieraden

    Type:    Earrings
    Country:    The Netherlands
    Period:    1750 - 1900
    Ref number:    5589
    Status:    Sold

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