Art Deco brooch

Art Deco brooch


Platinum Art Deco jade and diamond brooches in the Oriental Style. ca. 1915-1920

Size: 5.4 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 9.9 gra

Carved jade plaques were used in China as an indication of rank and social status; they formed a part of the ceremonial costume of the Imperial Court, Qing-dynastie 1644-1911.
The usually had a pierced hole to be attached to a robe, in many of the plaques reused in Art Deco jewellery you can still discover these holes.
Both the plaques are carved with flowers and have Chinese inspired diamond mounts.
Jade has been the symbol of love, virtue, beauty, grace and purity.

Type:    Brooches
Country:    France
Period:    1900 - 1940
Ref number:    2833
Status:    Sold

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