Bracelet Star Sapphire and diamaond set

Bracelet Star Sapphire and diamaond set

Heyman Bros.

Heymann & Bros bracelet, platinum links set with brilliant cut diamonds and three large cabochon cut star sapphires. America, circa 1935
Total diamond weight circa 6.3 ct
Total sapphire weight circa 28 ct

Lenght:18 cm
Weight: 32,2 grams

Oscar Heyman & Brothers was founded in New York in 1912 by three brothers Oscar, Nathan and Harry Heyman who had emigrated from Latvia in 1906. Oscar and Nathan (the eldest of 9 children) had previously spent five years as apprentices at their great-uncles jewellery manufacturing workshop in Kharkov where clients are believed to have included the imperial jeweller Carl Fabergé. Whilst here they had learnt a variety of skills including design, production, metalsmithing techniques (in particular working with platinum), stone setting and tool making, all of which would contribute enormously to their future success. As well as exceptional craftsmanship, Heyman were renowned for their use of a wide and interesting range of gemstones and from early on they championed the use of pastel coloured multi-hued sapphires, cat’s eye chrysoberyls and moonstones alongside the usual rubies, blue sapphires and emeralds. They were also highly technically innovative and between 1916 and 1942 earned seven exclusive patents for advances in both jewellery design and manufacturing processes.  In 1939 New York played host to the World’s Fair and the striking House of Jewels showcased the latest creations of five of America’s top jewellery houses. All but one of these displayed jewels made by the Oscar Heyman workshop. Today the firm, which is one of only a very few family run American firms to have worked continuously for over 100 years, is run by second and third generation Heymans. Their vintage jewels are highly sought after guaranteeing as they do, the finest craftsmanship, wonderful gems and an enduring design appeal that transcends generations.

Type:    Bracelets
Country:    America
Period:    1900 - 1940
Ref number:    6651
Status:    Sold

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