Pendant in gold and enamel

Pendant in gold and enamel

Brom, Joanna

Joanna Brom, 1898-1980 Pendant in gold and enamel with the holy St Monica, the reverse side with inscription.

The oval pendant in a beautiful golden frame with an painted enamel, representation of Saint Monica with an open book and a rosary in hand. The reverse side the signature JB, in the edge a hand engraving; Monique Mignot May 22, 1952 Dimensions: 6.0 x 4.0 cm
She is the patron saint of women and mothers and of victims of domestic violence.

Sint Monica Monica van Hippo (Thagaste, c. 333 - Ostia, October 387) is a Christian saint, the mother of Augustine of Hippo. Domestic violence [edit] Monica was born in Thagaste in a Berber family. She was raised in Christianity and married an older, pagan man by the name of Patricius. He was a man with a lot of energy, but also passionate and adulterous. According to Augustine, he often hit Monica. Her mother-in-law also turned against her and caused many problems. Monica, on the other hand, went to church daily and tried to be patient. She often said to other women who had bad marriages: 'If you can control your tongue, not only is the chance of being beaten down, but you may eventually be able to improve your husband.' Eventually she managed to win over her mother-in-law, calm her husband´┐Ż┬´s aggression and even convert him to Christianity.  

Type:    Pendants
Country:    The Netherlands
Period:    1940 - 1980
Price:    Upon request
Ref number:    5976
Status:    For sale

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