Frame, Nephrite, gold, rubies and diamonds

Frame, Nephrite, gold, rubies and diamonds

Perchin Michael

A Michael Perchin silver and gold nephrite Photo Frame, Ruby and diamond set. St. Petersburg,1899 - 1903

Frame, Nephrite, gold,rubies and diamonds formed of a rectangular piece of Siberian nephrite centred with an oval aperture withe a rose diamond set border and ribbon, ruby set in the four corners and also in the ribbon.
Size: 0 x 8.0 cm

Michael Perchin [1860-1903] qualified as a master craftsman in 1884 and his artistic potential must have been obvious to Fabergé who appointed him head workmaster in 1886. His workshop produced all types of objets de fantasie in gold, enamel and hard stones. All the important commissions of the time, including some of the Imperial Easter Eggs, the renowned 'Fabergé eggs', were made in his workshop. His period as head Fabergé workmaster is generally acknowledged to be the most artistically innovative, with a huge range of styles from neo-Rococo to Renaissance.

Siberian Nephrite Fabergé sourced nephrite from Irkutsk in Siberia, where it was found in vast boulders. The only way to move these gigantic stones was during the winter, when the ground was frozen. It was then carefully worked by lapidaries to extract pieces of the finest colour and figuring. Franz Birbaum, who was the manager of Fabergé’s workshop, recalled the finest dark green variety of nephrite became translucent when cut into thin sheets and acquires “a wonderful dense green colour.”  

Country:    Russia
Period:    1900 - 1940
Price:    Upon request
Ref number:    6911
Status:    For sale

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