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Antique medallion / brooch with cameo - #1
Antique medallion / brooch with cameo - #2
Antique medallion / brooch with cameo - #3
Antique medallion / brooch with cameo - #4
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Eugenio Avolio

Antique medallion / brooch with cameo


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Brooch / medallion in 18k gold containing an ivory plaque with an image of a woman and an engraved line from the poem 'Il canto dell amore': Amate. Il mondo è bello e santo è l avvenir - G. Carducci. Also on the front, the master's mark of the sculptor who made this plaque: Eugenio Avolio, 1922. The inside with master's mark GC. In the medallion a small paper almanac for the year 1922.

Italy, 1922

Eugenio Avolio (1876-1929) was a famous sculptor, silversmith and engraver. He lived and worked in Naples between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. He was an apprentice to the popular artist and sculptor Vincenzo Gemito. Professor at the Arts Academy in Naples, he received several international awards. Although he produced several bronze sculptures - especially First World War memorials - he - and Luigi Avolio later (active between 1935 and 1971) - specialized in silver sculptures and monumental pieces inspired by 17th century Italian Baroque and Classical Art. Eugenio and Luigi had a retail shop in corso Umberto, Naples.


Maker·Eugenio AvolioPeriod·Belle Epoque (1890 - 1910)Material·yellow goldWeight·19 gDimensions·4.0 x 3.0 cmRef number·7681
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