19th century "night-and-day" bracelet


Type:    Bracelets
Country:  France
Period:    1750 - 1900

A Royal blue quilloched gold and enamel garter bracelet with a detachable diamond clasp,

On a blue enamel background is a beautiful engraved Renaissance inspired 'scroll' pattern, at the time called 'Moorish tracery'.
The clasp set with rose cut diamonds is removable to form a brooch, which is a common feature in the 19th century jewelry, owing to the victorian fondness for versatility.
Round this period jewelry with a double function became more desirable, this a so-called day-and-night bracelet.

France, ca. 1850, assigned to Boucheron.

Diam.: 6.5
Weight: 60.6 gr

Price:  Upon request
Ref number:  2387
Status:  Sold


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