Bog-oak owl earrings


Type:    Earrings
Country:  England
Period:    1750 - 1900

Ireland or England, 19th century.

In Ireland, the popularity of jewellery in the 1860s was undoubtedly due to the widespread use of mourning jewellery after the death of Prince Consort in December 1861, when, following the example of the Queen, thousands plunged into mourning. In some circles, mourning jewellery was very fashionable. In England, jet was mostly used; in Ireland the more durable bog oak quickly became fashionable and it soon spread to Britain. Bog oak remained the consistently favoured style of Irish jewellery throughout the rest of the century. Bog oak bracelets, brooches, necklaces, earrings, tiaras, pins, studs, links, solitaires and chatelaines were made in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Killarney. It was the predominant type of jewellery sold at the Philadelphia Exhibition of 1876 and the Paris Exhibition of 1878, and remained popular at the Cork Exhibition of 1883. 
Size: 1,8 x 2,3 cm. 
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