Diamond Haert Necklace


Country:  America
Period:    1980 - 2015

A fascinating platinum necklace set with 204 hart shape diamonds, total 10.69 carat

Lenght: 52 cm

The stones are of so-called “nonchalant” quality, and too small to be graded or certified individually. With these type of diamonds, beautiful as they are, diamond graders cannot give a color, clarity or cut grade. In her words: these are a matter of 'what you see is what you get'. 
The diamonds appear quite white, the girdles are nicely faceted and a few stones are included or slightly chipped, or scratched, while others are not. Which is normal due to wear since this not a brand new necklace.

Price:  Upon request
Ref number:  6271
Status:  Sold


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