Dog Collar, Art Nouveau “Adiantum”


Type:    Necklaces
Country:  France
Period:    1900 - 1940

Dog Collar, Art Nouveau “adiantum” 

Dog collar in Art-Nouveau style. A magnificent Art Nouveau 18 carat gold plaque-au-cou, attributed to Rene Boivin, ca. 1890. A delicate effect of colour, plique-a-jour enamel of pink shading into green combined with pearls and old mine cut diamonds, gives this pice a fairytale appearance. A plaque like this is meant to be worn on several strands of pearls as a dog collar. Comparable jewellery with leaf designs by Boivin can be found in 'Rene Boivin Jeweller' by Francoise Cailles, p. 31 'Art Nouveau stomacher' and p. 34 'Maidenhair tiara'.  Dimensions: 16 x 5,5 cm

Price:  Upon request
Ref number:  4874
Status:  For sale


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