Earrings Belle Epoque

Country:  The Netherlands
Period:  1900 - 1940

A pair of platinum and brilliant Belle Epoque earrings each set with old European cut diamonds of 2.2 carats, in mille griffe mounting. The Netherlands, circa 1900 L. 17 mm.

Object: 2 transparante stenen  
Colour: white Cut: round brilliants (old style) 
Measurements: diameter approximately 8.3; height 4.3 mm and diameter  approximately 8.3 mm; height 4.7 mm 
Weight: gross weight ear-pendants, respectively 2.28 grams and 2.26 grams (total 4.54 grams) 
Setting: two ear-pendants, each set with 5 brilliant / eight-cut diamonds
Conclusion:       NATURAL DIAMONDS 
Comments:       indication clarity - both as seen in the setting: VS I. indication colou r- both as seen in the setting: Rare white- White....(G-H). Weigely circa 1.8 carats and 2.0 carats.ht estimation: respectiv Fluorescence: none. 

Price:  Upon request
Ref number:  5712
Status:  For sale


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