Faberge pendant

Kollin, Erik August

Type:    Pendants
Country:  Russia
Period:    1750 - 1900

Rare Fabergé Erik Kollin guilloche enameled egg pendant. It has 56 Russian gold marks and the workmaster mark EK - for workmaster Erik Kollin, St Petersburg.

Marked 56ял, meaning: St. Petersburg 1898-1903, assaymaker: Yakov Nikolayevich Lyapunov  (Яков Николаевич Ляпунов).
Size withtout the suspension eye: 1.6 cm

Erik August Kollin (1836-1901) was born in Finland, where he completed his education before travelling to St. Petersburg. Qualified as workmaster in 1868, he opened his own workshop in St. Petersburg in 1870. Kollin worked for August Holmström and for Carl Fabergé and quickly became the manager of all Fabergé workshops, which he did until 1886 when he was replaced by Michael Perkhin. He was  the first and most important jewellery at Fabergé. Specialized in gold and silver pieces, mostly in the archaïc style of that time. The artefacts produced by Kollin for Fabergé before his departure in 1886 usually have his initials EK, together with the Fabergé mark and these are often found in a Fabergé box. It is clear that these date from before a change of features in 1899. Pieces with only the EK mark and produced between 1885 and 1899 must beconsidered to be the work of an independent operator, unless they come in a Fabergé box.

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