Platinum earrings with maw-sit-sit

Schiff J. G. E

Type:    Earrings
Country:  The Netherlands
Period:    1940 - 1980

Platinum earrings with icicles of maw-sit-sit. Set with rubies and diamonds. Maker’s mark J.S.: Dutch artist and goldsmith Jurriën Schiff (1964). Made circa 1990. Maw-sit-sit is a hard rock in a bright green colour with dark green to black vains. It was discovered as recent as in 1963, in the north of Myanmar (formerly called Burma). It consists of various minerals, mainly of the rare pyroxene mineral called kosmochlor. Maw-sit-sit is slightly translucent to opaque and has a waxy lustre. The stone is usually cut as a cabochon, like it has been for these beautiful earrings. 

Length: 4.5 cm 
Weight: 15.2 grams

Price:  Upon request
Ref number:  6009
Status:  Sold


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