• Enamel pendant and necklace with learls by Joanna Brom

  • Pendant with opal by Ab Wouters

  • Aluminium anodised collar by Harriet Mastboom

May Art and Antiques Weekend - Dutch goldsmiths 1940 - 1980

This year's May Art& Antiques Weekend coincides with The Amsterdam Trail, a route by tribal art galeries exhibiting modern art. In the Spiegelkwartier there will be exhibitions, lectures and openings. At Dekker Antiquairs, the works of Joanna Brom and Ab Wouters will be featured and jewellery researcher Marion van der Fluit will lecture about the importance of Dutch goldsmiths in 1940 - 1980. This lecture will take place on Saturday, May 26 at 1300 hours and at 1600hours. We will also exhibit some very special pieces by artists Harriët Mastboom, Lijsbeth Teding van Berkhout and Irene Bakker.

Joanna Brom (1898 - 1980) was trained in Salzburg, Vienna, Berlin and Leipzig. Until 1958 she worked in her family's goldsmith business Edelsmidse Brom in Utrecht, as goldsmith and enameller. She decorated the religeous artifacts made by the goldsmiths; monstrances, chalices, vases and bowls were decorated in enamel by her. She also made jewellery and miniature portraits in enamel.

Ab Wouters (1918 – 1990) was, together with Archibald Dumbar and Chris Steenbergen, part of the leading generation of goldsmiths who worked directly after World War II.  Ab Wouters interpreted the art of goldsmith in a broad way, his works including both jewellery and large, monumental pieces. Museums such as Boymans van Beuningen, Rijksmuseum and Museum Arnhem own pieces by Ab Wouters and his jewellery is collected by art collectors.

Harriët Mastboom (1947) was trained at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (an international university of applied sciences for Fine Arts and Design in Amsterdam). In her work she uses resin in which she molds entrance tickets to football matches, postcards, supermarket coupons and soda bottle caps. With photos from a Christie’s catalogue molded in resin, Mastboom made a “emerald” brooch. Lijsbeth Teding van Berkhout (1946) is a goldsmith, jewellery designer and sculptor, also trained at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. By Irene Bakker (1948), also a Gerrit Rietveld graduate, we will show pieces made in silver plate including a bracelet that was shown at the World Expo in Osaka in 1970.

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