• Daisy brooch with hidden watch by Paul Robin

  • Portemonnaie with hidden wallet by J.F. Bautte & Cie

  • Butterfly brooch by Duval & Le Turcq

PAN Art Fair Amsterdam 2015

Three highlights by 19th century jewellers and watchmakers feature prominently in our stand at this year's PAN.

Daisy brooch/pendant with hidden watch, by Paul Robin, Paris
Made in Paris by Paul Robin around 1885. Hidden under the heart of the flower is the watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre. Back then it was highly inappropriate to check the time, for which this striking jewel gives an elegant solution. The daisy is a wonderful example of the jewels for which Robin is so famous. Read more.

Portemonnaie with hidden watch, by J.F. Bautte & Cie, Genève.
This luxurious wallet with hidden watch was made around 1850 by the renowned firm J.F. Bautte in Geneva. It was intended to show off with, for example during an evening at the opera. The gold, diamond and enameled portemonnaie also features a mountain landscape by Auguste Dutertre. Read more.

Butterfly brooch, by Duval & Le Turcq, Paris

In 1889 Duval & Le Turcq produced a series of jewels in the shapes of orchids and butterfies for their exhibition at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, for which they received high acclaim. In between the diamonds you can see two shades of blue enamel. This type of enameling is called paillon: very thin foil is inserted in the enamel to create extra lustre. Read more.

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