Queen Máxima's Antique Dutch Earrings

Since the end of May Queen Máxima of the Netherlands occasionally wears antique Dutch earrings from the Land of Cadzand (ca. 1860) that originally come from our collection. We gave an interview to the Dutch magazine Royalty about Dutch regional jewellery and these earrings in particular.

Ron Dekker: 'The amount of hours that went into making these jewels sets them apart. They were made in poor times, and without expensive materials to work with, the artistic side of the goldsmith emerges. These earrings were made completely by hand and not two of them are the same, that's impossible. They all are works of art in their own right.'

Erik Schoonhoven, jewellery editor of Royalty magazine, published an article about the earrings (in English) on his website. Click here.

The article can be read on Elinea, in Dutch. Registration is free for 2 days and without further obligations. Click here.

Our collection of antique Dutch regional jewellery, built with passion for over 30 years, can be seen online. Click here.

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