Calender pocket watch

Stanley à Paris

Country:  France
Period:    1750 - 1900

An 18c gold Hour- Quarter striking (repeating) à Toc
Pocket watch with calender indication signed on the dial and the movement; STANLEY à Paris, ca. 1808, case no. 668

The case polished, secret opening button. The full plate movement gilt brass, verge escapement, fusee and chain, silver push pendant repeating, silver regulation disk for Avence and Retard.

Secret signes; An 8 g.m. Spring driven jump dust ring protecting the movement.

White enamel dial, roman hours, arabic five-minute indicatiens, full calender ring 1-31, brass hour- and minute hand. Steel polished date hand.
The gold case marked; 668, Paris hallmarks for 1807-1814 Lozenge with AHK  Mater 1770-1800-1810. Rue de Thionville

Size: 56mm

Price:  Upon request
Ref number:  3645
Status:  Sold


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