High Relief Pocket Watch

Willer, John

Type:    Pocket watch
Country:  England
Period:    1750 - 1900

John Willer, London No. 11870 pair-case, gold repoussé high reliëf. England, 18th century

Depicting 'Venus and Anchises' a subject from Greek mythology. The goddess Venus (Aphrodite) falls in love with the mortal Anchises, who herds his sheep on the flanks of Mount Ida. Venus seduces Anchises and they get a son Aeneas.  Anchises is struck by a lightning of the evil supreme god Apollo (Zeus) and becomes blind. After the defeat of the city of Troy in the Trojan War, the blind Anchises were carried out of the burning city by his son Aeneas.

Ref number:  5868
Status:  Sold


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