Floral bracelet with green enamel

Floral bracelet with green enamel


Jules Wièse, 1818-1890 bracelet with green enamelled wine leaves and pink bouton corals, France, 19th century 

length: 18 cm 
weight: 36,4 grams  

 As many of his day inspired by Paris as the creative centre of the Decorative Arts the Berliner Jules Wièse (1818-1890) decides to make his way to la Ville Lumière in 1839 to become one of the finest Silver and Goldsmiths of the 19th Century. Soon upon arrival his outstanding gift to combine brilliant execution and “le bon goût français” ensures Wièse important awards at (world) exhibitions in both Paris and London as token of the highest recognition possible of his craftsmanship.Winning the prestigious gold medal at the 1862 London International Exhibition in the category for Jewellery and Objets d’Art by exhibiting pieces exploring themes in Gothic imagination and neo-Renaissance style turns Wièse into one of the most renown artists of his era in terms of Neo-styles within French Orfèvrerie. Wièse and his patron and associate the well honoured goldsmith F-D Froment-Meurice (1802-1855) inspire one another immensely in this highly favoured new style known as French Historism. While a key role as innovator in this particular field is bestowed upon his prominent fellow townsman and peer Carl Wagner (1799-1841).Wièse outstanding skills in traditional metalwork techniques of chasing, niello and enamelling and the enhancement of his artwork with a display of colour as well as different forms and materials make him a forerunner in French Historism. This aspect of his art renders a section of his ouvre the description “bijou artistique” based on his personal beliefs that the value of an object consist not necessarily in the cost of the materials but very often in the quality of its design and execution.With this fine bracelet Wièse reifies his strong artistic beliefs with his technical skills and exquisite sense of style.    

Type:    Bracelets
Country:    France
Period:    1750 - 1900
Ref number:    6308
Status:    Sold

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