A very special watch


Een zeer bijzonder horloge

This brooch/pendant from our collection is made in the shape of a daisy and has a hidden watch. It was made around 1885 by the Paul Robin company in Paris. The Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece is hidden under the heart of the flower. In the past, it was extremely inappropriate to check the time, for which this elegant jewel was a nice solution. The daisy watch is a beautiful example of the work for which Robin is so famous.

Jean Paul Robin (1797-1869)
This jewelry company, founded by Jean-Paul Robin (1797-1869), was one of the most renowned in Paris during the reigns of King Louis-Philippe and Emperor Napoleon III. Jean-Paul's sons Prospère-Paul and Edouard continued the company after his death in 1868 under the name Robin Frères. Prospère-Paul (born 1843) found himself alone in this when Edouard died in 1880. Prospère-Paul was highly regarded among his peers for his professional knowledge, courtesy and friendly nature. His nickname was Robin Le Grand, partly because of his tall stature. He continued the production of exceptional craftsmanship, especially the matte gold pieces and attractive modern and elegant jewelry that had made the company great. This jewel is a striking example of this.