Important work by Joanna Brom


Joanna Brom geëmailleerde hanger
Joanna Brom (1898 - 1980) was educated in Salzburg, Vienna, Berlin and Leipzig. She worked in the family business Edelsmidse Brom in Utrecht, as a goldsmith and enameler. She was at the origin of the renewed interest in enamel art in the Netherlands at the beginning of the last century.

Joanna Brom embellished the ecclesiastical objects made by the goldsmiths; She decorated monstrances, chalices, vases and bowls with enamel. She also made jewelry and portrait miniatures in enamel. In 1937 she won the Grand Prix for enamel at an exhibition in Paris.

We have two pendants on a necklace with a religious scene painted in enamel. One of Madonna with child on her arm, crown and sceptre, and one with an enamel painting of Saint Monica with an open book and a rosary in her hand. Enameled in medieval style, in beautifully crafted gold frames.